atlanta windshield crack
Glass King specializes in performing Atlanta windshield repairs which are often needed when chips or cracks occur in the windshield. Most Atlanta windshield repairs are a result of rocks and other road debris hitting your automobile's windshield. In order to be considered a windshield crack, the crack in the glass must be longer than the length of a dollar bill.

When you notice that your windshield needs repair there are several methods depending on the severity of the crack or chip in the glass. A chip in your Atlanta windshield is easily replaced by bonding the glass with resin; the price for our Atlanta windshield repairs start at only $50. A crack in your windshield requires an Atlanta windshield replacement; the cost for an Atlanta windshield replacement begins at $150.

While rock chips aren't as structurally dangerous as a full windshield crack, fluctuations in temperature can cause stress on the glass and can cause a chip to become a crack. If you develop a windshield chip or crack during the summer or winter you will want to have our Atlanta windshield replacement sooner rather than later. When preparing to have your Atlanta windshield repaired allow for 25 - 45 minutes, depending on the size of the spot in your windshield.